Administrative Setup

Mannatech setup:

Activate your associate web account: 

Here you can manage your personal orders; register new associates and members; access a library of resources; track and manage your organization; and access your personalized web pages, contact manager and email compiler.

  • Go to  Click on your country’s flag.
  • Click on Log in, enter your associate account number, and then click on First time logging in?  Follow prompts to set up your account and password.
  • Opt in to all Mannatech communications and emails from business leaders.
Download and Print Documents:
Subscribe to updates and newsletters:
Personalize your free webpags:
MyMannaPages website: Basic MannaCast is free until you reach National Director.
  • Click on Manage My Business in the left menu. Then click on MannaPages.
  • On top menu click on Training > Build Your Site. 
Navig8 Business System and websites:

This may be part of your Premium Business Pack or you may subscribe to Navig8 along with one of the business support packages.

  • Click on Manage My Business in the left menu.  Then click on Navig8.
  • View the training videos.
Review Success Tracker with your Business Leader.

This is a powerful tool that enables you to track your entire organization and manage your business.

Office setup:

Phone:  3- way calling to connect your support team members with your potential or new partners.

Computer:  High speed internet for Success Tracker and videos.