Register & Auto Order


How to Register with Mannatech

Gather registration information: name, address, phone, email, credit card information (card number, security code, expiration date, cardholder’s name and billing address).  A social security or federal ID number is required for associate accounts due to potential income. You may use an Associate Application Form.

Register your Business Partner with the $448 Premium Pack ($568-$623 value) or $998 Premium Pack ($1,311 value). Registering as an All Star with a Premium Pack opens up all fast start bonuses and income streams available.

  • Log into My Office at and choose Register New Associate or Member from the left menu. When registering an associate, Enrollment Pack options will be displayed.
  • To register someone by phone, call Mannatech Customer Care at 800-281-4469. An associate must sign and return the signature form they receive in their pack if they are enrolled by phone.
  • Enroller vs. Sponsor: You are always the enroller. The sponsor is the associate under whom you choose to place your new associate.  This may be under you or another associate in your organization.

Customers: If you are sharing with someone who is not interested in the business, they may register as a Member or as an Associate.

  • Members receive product at 5% off retail and are eligible for 25% referral discounts with the 4Free Discount Program.
  • The purchase of an Enrollment Pack is not required to open a member account. Their first order opens their member account and can be an auto order. See the Join Us Brochure for popular member order options.
  • The associate enroller is paid 15% commission on member order PV each business period.  If they are an All Star, they are paid an additional 5% commission.  If they are not, the extra 5% is paid to the first qualified All Star.
  • Associates must purchase an Enrollment Pack to open their account. The can then order product at 10% off retail. They are eligible for commissions and bonuses with a 100 PV qualifying order but are not eligible for the discounts.

How to Create an Auto Order

  • Log in to My Office at
  • In the left menu, choose Place Orders and then Create Automatic Order.
  • A minimum order for 100 PV is required each business period to qualify for commissions, but no order is required to maintain an account.
  • Combo Packs provide the best product value with savings up to $80: (63601: Ambrotose/NutriVerus/Plus/Omega 3; 61801: Ambrotose/NutriVerus/Plus; or 67001: Ambrotose/Optimal Support Packets)(63601: Ambrotose/NutriVerus/Plus/Omega 3; 61801: Ambrotose/NutriVerus/Plus; or 67001: Ambrotose/Optimal Support Packets)
  • Auto Orders can be edited at any time.