Congratulations on joining Mannatech!

With the help of the person who invited you to build a lifetime asset with Mannatech, complete the following steps and roadmap.

Step One

Set up your associate account; select the Premium Pack that best fits your needs.

Step Two

Set up an automatic order of at least 141PV with one of the Combo Packs for greater product value and results.

Step Three

Complete My Support Team contact information page, so you can communicate easily. Review The 4 Basics and Working with Mannatech.

Now that you have decided to build your networking asset, you need a roadmap and time table. The following is a list of activities and resources and a suggested time frame.

Roadmap and Time Table

Week One
Week Two
Week Three
  • Become familiar with the scientific studies under “Publications” at See Published Studies  in the Toolshed.
  • Locate and explore additional resources such as web sites, videos, and blogs that validate Mannatech’s products. See Technical Reports  in the Toolshed.
  • Show the plan and follow up to identify who will join you in building an asset.
Week Four and following:
  • Continue to be a student of the products.
  • Be available for teleconferences and webinars that Mannatech sponsors.
  • Plan to attend MannaFest, Mannatech’s annual international convention, which is held every year and is a must for anyone serious about building a network.
Contact and bring new people to your business.

Start developing a strategy right away with the help of your business partner. Continue to add to your list of prospective partners. Develop a system for inviting them to consider building a financial asset with you.

Follow the steps that your business partner took when inviting you to build an asset:

Maintain constant contact with your new business partners. The time and resources spent on your business partners will determine the quality of your networking asset.

Use the Planning/Progress Charts for each leadership level to guide you with strategy and action as you lay the foundation and develop your asset. 

Set your goal to reach the leadership level of Regional Director within your first three months and National Director within your first six months, and support each of your partners to reach these same goals.

As each business partner duplicates these goals, momentum and leverage will be created that will yield a valuable asset as you achieve higher leadership levels!