The 4 Basics

Actions to Build Your Team

  Create a List:

Contact and Invite:

  • Contact those on your Potential Partners List and invite them to consider building a lifetime asset.
  • Contact those on your Potential Customer List and invite them to learn about the benefits of real food nutrients and Mannatech’s M5M mission.

Show the Plan:

Follow-up and Duplicate:

These “4 Basics” are the foundation of your “Path to Platinum”, the top level of leadership in Mannatech. 

As you follow these steps to find and engage your four partners, they in turn can duplicate your efforts.  As a result, you will impact hundreds of people with improved health and a more secure financial future as well as improving the lives of at-risk children instead of being limited by your own individual efforts.
 In the same way, together your income and the value of your asset  can grow beyond your individual potential, much like the difference between a family-owned restaurant and a fast food chain franchise.
That is the power of leverage!