Contact and Invite


The purpose of your initial invitation is a business offer to ask them  to take a look at the potential of building a financial asset with you.   Schedule an appointment as soon as possible to show them the presentation, Building Your Lifetime Asset, to determine their interest.

Use the bullet points below as a framework for your approach; they are the foundation of your business offer.  Your job is to provide conversation around these points that is natural, genuine and direct from the heart.  Revise it to create your own authentic invitation.

Sample invitation:

  • The purpose of my call is to ask you to take a look at something that may benefit you.  (Expand on how this may fill a need or solve a problem for them.)
  • I’m looking for 4 partners to join me, and you are someone who has the qualities I admire. (Tell them what particular qualities you admire about them.)
  • When it comes to making money and helping others, do you keep your options open? (Todd Falcone) If it doesn’t interfere with what you’re doing right now, do you keep your options open for additional income? – Simeon Creyer
  • If it’s not a match, that’s OK, but you could take a look. (Creyer)
  • Does (day) at (time) or is (day) at (time) better? (Set up an appointment time to call them back and follow up, and list the appointment on your calendar.)