Show the Plan

The purpose of your presentation is to introduce them to the potential of building a passive income stream and secure lifetime asset with Mannatech.  You will explore how joining your team could benefit them.

Review and discuss the presentation: Building Your Lifetime Asset.

After your presentation, ask questions and listen carefully.

  • What did you like most about what you saw?
  • Ask questions to determine their needs and interests.  Use F-O-R-M -family, occupation, recreation, and message.
  • Ask them to invest some time doing their own “due diligence” to determine their interest in joining you as a business partner.

The purpose of their “due diligence” is to give them an opportunity to explore the business model of network marketing as well as Mannatech, its unique products and mission, and the potential financial asset that can be generated.

  • Provide them with the Due Diligence Resources to review over the next few days.
  • Make an appointment to follow up in two to four days.
  • Offer to set up a 3-way call or in-person meeting with a member of their potential support team to give them a chance to meet and ask questions.