Due Diligence Resources

Explore the following resources as your consider building an asset with Mannatech as your vehicle.

Overview of Business and Company:

Mannatech Business Presentation:  To view this video go to Mannatech Business Presentation and in the upper right screen enter “public” for the username and “presentation” for the password. This will give you a more in depth look at the information presented in the initial presentation, Building Your Lifetime Asset.

Mannatech Overview: Destiny Unfolding video is an insightful look at the company, products, science, challenges, and mission.

Mannatech, A Company of Destiny, an interactive story book, is the incredible story of a company whose mission and vision have emerged out of it’s unique technology and servant’s heart.

Network Marketing: Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki (book and CD).

Product Information:

Overview of Core Product Technology: NutriVerus Product Video: 7 min video introducing glyconutrients, real food technology and social entrepreneurship.

Glyconutrients: Ambrotose – The Missing Link in Human Nutrition information sheet.

Real Food Technology: NutriVerus: Nutrition the Way Your Body Wants It  information sheet.

Social Entrepreneurship: Give for Real • Thank You Mannatech videoGiveforReal.com

Internet Concerns: Video by Dr. John RollinsIs Mannatech a Scam?, or Dr. Rollins’ article, ‘Glyconutrients: The Most Controversial Discovery in Modern Health Care’.