Tablet Tips

Instructions for loading Building Your Lifetime Asset business presentation to your Nexus tablet for offline access:
  1. Go to – Click “Navigate to…” – Choose “The Plan” – Click on Building Your Lifetime Asset and hold until title is highlighted – Click “Save link”.
  2. Swipe downward from upper left screen (notifications) – Click on the business presentation pdf file.
  3. Click on the menu on upper right screen (three vertical dots) – Click “File” – Click “Send” – Click Google Drive icon – “Upload to Drive” page: Click “OK”. (Note: Document Title can be changed on this page prior to clicking “OK”.)
  4. Go to “Home” page on Nexus – Click on Google “Drive” icon – After files have loaded, Click on the arrow to the right of the business presentation file – Click and slide the “Available offline” button to the right from “Off” to “On”.
  5. You will now be able to access the business presentation any time off line by clicking the Google “Drive” icon on your home screen and choosing the business presentation file.